Elastic warming medical products for sports applications by WOOLGALAXY®

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  • The bandage and your body make a unit;
  • The exclusive wool of camel and wool of alpaca enter into the composition of the bandage;
  • Exclusive innovative character of the product demonstrates your status;
  • The number of perforations (holes) along the width of the bandage provides adjustment of a massage and warming effect;
  • Permeability to air;
  • A patent application according to PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) for registering international patents on the territory of all the member states of the Patent Cooperation Treaty.
  • United States Patent No: US 11,351,065 B2

Innovative effects:

  • Reduced risk of acute illness
  • Reduced rehabilitation time of athletes after injuries and general diseases; improving athletic performance by warming up muscles and ligaments with WOOLGALAXY® products

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Elastic warming medical products for sports applications by WOOLGALAXY®

How do you keep the body of an athlete warm before a competition?

Warming up before a competition to improve muscle elasticity and joint mobility is an essential component significantly affecting the performance of an athlete. However, not only sufficient warming up, but also maintaining the body warm should be ensured before a competition. WOOLGALAXY® products (elastic warming massage belts and bandages with camel or alpaca wool) allow athletes to warm up and increase the temperature in those muscle groups and joints that are particularly important for competitive performance.

The warming up of muscles and joints increases the overall performance of the body by strengthening the vegetative functions. An increase in body temperature, mainly in the muscles, is of great importance for improving performance, especially during fast movements. Furthermore, the performance of skeletal muscles is increased, degradation products, especially lactic acid, are completely oxidized, the performance of the muscles is increased, and their fatigue reduced. At the same time, the increase in body temperature ensures faster metabolic processes and increasing oxygen consumption with higher utilization.

  • An increase in the temperature of muscles and joints also improves their blood supply and thus provides higher oxygenation.
  • Muscles consume significant amounts of oxygen. Thus, at rest, about 1/3 of the total oxygen consumption accounts for the muscles. At the same time, muscles can consume 10 to 15 times more oxygen when heavily stressed.
  • It is also important that because of the temperature increase in the muscles, their viscosity decreases and the elasticity increases. This apparently contributes to the performance of fast movements.
  • An increase in body temperature raises the excitability of the respiratory center, which has a positive effect on the respiratory function.
  • Finally, it should be noted that with increasing temperature, the speed of nerve excitation and the excitation between nerve and muscle increases. All these factors make it clear why increasing the temperature in muscles and joints by using WOOLGALAXY® products is so important.

All production steps are under control:

  • The yarn containing camel wool or alpaca wool comes from raw materials we purchase and is manufactured according to our technical requirements as to quality, variety, length, fineness and color;
  • Latex and polyester yarns used to manufacture elastic fabrics meet our quality requirements as well as physical and technical parameters;
  • The machines for knitting elastic fabrics are manufactured and adjusted according to our technical requirements;
  • The special plant for the finishing of elastic fabrics is a unique item made according to our technical specifications.

All the above-mentioned conditions to produce unique elastic fabrics (patent pending) allow us to sew our exclusive products: elastic warming bands and bandages (for knee joints, elbow joints, lower legs, wrists, ankles, shoulder joints) with fine massage effect made of camel or alpaca wool. The interaction of a special combination of fibers in terms of length, fineness and type of wool guarantees optimal warming and massage effect.

Research carried out by WOOLGALAXY®

Research providing substantiation of the efficiency of the products “WOOLGALAXY® Curative tubular woolen bandages” for sports.

Tеsting a WOOLGALAXY® knee guard.

The aim of the study was to compare the data of local temperature in the knee joint area protected with a knee guard (area A) and that of the similar area of the contralateral knee joint (area B). The study procedure comprised registration of the NEC thermal imager before the knee guard application, after 30 minutes of the knee guard wearing and 20 minutes after removal of the knee guard.

After performing the study, the resulting thermograms of both knee joints gave a stable temperature difference:

  1. Immediately after removing the knee guard, a uniform temperature growth of 2 degrees centigrade was observed at the area A as compared to the area B.
  2. 20 minutes after removing the knee guard from the area A, a uniform temperature growth in this area was observed as compared to the area B.

On the following day, a new study was carried out with a more complicated algorithm (while the knee guard was put on, the tested person was performing symmetric cyclic exercises comprising flexion and extension of the knee joints, as well as with the increase of axial load onto both knee joints, including squatting for 5 minutes.

After performing the study, 30 minutes later, a uniform local temperature growth of 3 degrees was observed at the area A and that of 1 degree centigrade at the contralateral area B.

15 minutes after removing the knee guard from, a temperature growth conservation was observed (of 3 degrees) in the area A, while at the area B, a non-uniform local temperature decrease was observed (by no less than 1 degree centigrade).

Considering the above data, one can come to a conclusion about a real efficiency of the use of the products “WOOLGALAXY® Curative tubular bandages” at the training stage of sportsmen.

Author: A.V.Rezvov, December 2017.


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