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Mission 1

We are working for providing a high-quality life to people of any age.

Mission 2

We crave for people to lead an active way of life, to use agents for preventing diseases. The supercooling of an organism brings huge disadvantages, there appear obstacles to an active and healthy motion, to take pleasure of the life, to perform the morning running, to take part in sports contests or just to go shopping for making necessary purchases. Our articles will support you with our warmth, will help you to feel comfortable and the desire to subjugate new “summits” independently of the age.

Mission 3

We help people to take care of themselves, to keep up the physical state, and we provide for a good-quality life at any age.


We are convinced that innovations represent a pledge of success for our company. We know how to solve problems in an unordinary way. We appreciate and support the flexibility of thinking, the initiative and creativity for becoming the best in your professional activities. We create conditions that inspire us for the advent of new ideas. We believe that innovations represent a key to our exclusive competitive new solutions that are continuously confirmed by our new designs.


We are confident of our forces and potentialities. Our rule is to build only a mutually beneficial partnership in a determined, vigorous and qualified way.

Quality of products

We seek to achieve an optimal relationship price – utilization efficiency of the goods we propose. We provide for a permanent quality control of our products. We appreciate our clients, we treat with respect our consumers, that is why we use in our production facilities the equipment and raw materials the quality of which has no doubts.


We have an individual approach to every client. We try to satisfy as much as possible his needs and wishes. While doing our work we are always ready to meet the client’s wishes.


We are open for cooperation and are ready to conduct a constructive dialogue with clients, potential partners for solving conjoint problems.